Where climate minds meet.

Malmö Sweden,
September 21st 2022

What is the drop?

The Drop is the climate tech conference to meet people, learn new ideas and drive solutions forward. We bring together experts in climate science, investors and climate tech startups to expedite progress in the fight against climate change.
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Big Picture Keynotes

Fresh takes on climate solutions, on the topics we all should know about.

The latest in 'X'

Discover how science, new technologies and startups are addressing some of the most difficult climate challenges. In these quick-fire panel discussions, the core of every session is the same: what is happening right now to solve the climate crisis and why isn’t it scaling quicker?


"Ripples" are our decentralised sessions, run for and by the climate community. These sessions will be interactive, small and designed to give you deep knowledge about a topic so you can drive it forward.

All Ripples are apply-to-join.

Big picture keynotes

Hear fresh takes on climate solutions - on topics we all should know about.

Lisen Schultz

Helping corporate leaders become climate leaders

Stockholm Resilience Centre

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Raffael Jovine

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Brilliant Planet

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Laura Fox

A 'better car' is not the answer

Citi Bike, Lyft

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Staffan Qvist

How do we repurpose the stranded assets

Author & Energy Engineer

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Elizabeth Nyeko

Microgrids: decarbonising centralised grids

CEO & Founder, Modularity Grid

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Check out the session times here, and remember to apply if you want to join a Ripple subconference

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